Freedom & Simplicity™ Cleaning Cabinet Makeover

Freedom & Simplicity Cleaning Cabinet Makeover

Cheap, Safe, Effective Household Cleaners

Make your own Safe, Cheap, Effective Household Cleaners with natural grocery items, 100% pure and natural, highly effective essential oils and our recipes.

The synthetic chemicals used in commercial cleaning products increase our toxic load, causing toxic effects in our bodies, from handling and breathing them. There is a better way! We can avoid those toxins and poisons, and the gloves and masks required to handle them, and create a more healthy environment while we clean our homes–with Safe, Cheap, Effective and natural, non-toxic cleaners we make easily for ourselves. Only a few simple, inexpensive ingredients are needed. Only a few minutes of your time. And you’re on your way to a Cleaning Cabinet Makeover!

Includes information on why make your own natural cleaners, what ingredients and supplies to use and why, general cleaning, kitchen and bathrooms, and laundry.

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