Correct X

When your children are busy, taking care of their skin in distressed moments can be difficult. Apply doTERRA Correct-X to soothe and purify skin during the healing process to keep summer playtime going. The blend of Frankincense, Melaleuca, Helichrysum, Lavender, Jojoba, and Cedarwood essential oils combine to protect and promote healthy-looking skin. These key ingredients are versatile and help soothe and improve the texture of skin.


Do you love summer, but hate the heat that comes with it? Cool off with doTERRA Spearmint! Its sweet, refreshing aroma is cleansing and uplifting, making it ideal to evoke a sense of focus and positive mood. Spearmint is very different from Peppermint, and is a milder option to use on children and persons with sensitive skin. Spearmint can also be great for use in the kitchen. Try it in a salad as part of a homemade dressing, a spearmint julep, or any of your favorite desserts. Spearmint also makes for a great addition to any meat marinade recipe.

For your next backyard barbeque, try these delicious spearmint chocolate chip cookies.

Harmony Collection

In preparation for Mother’s Day coming up, I am highlighting the doTERRA Harmony Collection. This limited edition Mother’s Day collection consists of doTERRA’s Green Mandarin, Pink Pepper and Star Anise. If you are looking to create a personal scent for your everyday wear, the empty roller bottles will be a key ingredient to your creations. Along with the three new limited edition oils, two empty roller bottles, there is included a booklet with over 30 fragrance combinations!

Are you looking for a gift for an important woman in your life? The doTERRA Harmony Aroma Handcraft Collection is a unique meaningful gift you can utilize to create your own personal scents. While Mother’s Day is a beautiful holiday for many, it can also be a difficult day for others. These oils promote relaxation and calmness for anyone who is feeling anxious for this upcoming day. The balancing and grounding aromas provide stability and peace when inhaled or diffused.

Reach out to a woman who is in need of extra support with the doTERRA Harmony Aroma Handcraft Collection!

You can purchase your own or as a gift at Or contact me to get connected to my support team and your wholesale pricing.


We Miss You Q&A

Have you not ordered doTERRA in a while? Don’t you miss it? We miss you. In fact, so much that doTERRA is offering you Welcome Back Gifts.

Here are the details for the Free Gifts offered for those who have not ordered or not ordered LRP since August.