2017 Wellness Summit


Expert Training & Inspiration

Wellness Summits are designed to educate and empower people with a deeper understanding of what makes dōTERRA the world’s premier distributor of CPTG quality essential oils. Whether you are just getting started or are a seasoned Wellness Advocate, you will learn how you can prosper physically, emotionally, and financially with dōTERRA.

Learn why dōTERRA is different from other essential oil companies, what makes our essential oils the most potent and effective, and how you can join us in our mission to make the world a better place. You will have an opportunity to personally experience a wide variety of dōTERRA products as our experts educate you on key dōTERRA products. In addition, you will learn from our top business experts on how dōTERRA can help you prosper financially through our unique business model.

These Summits are a fantastic opportunity to get great training beyond your own team, to mingle with other dōTERRA Wellness Advocates & Customers from your region, as well as with corporate team members, and experience and learn about products you haven’t tried yet, all at a minimal cost and travel. Don’t miss it! 

Join us in Nebraska on May 19-20, or check this schedule to find where the nearest Summit to you is. Be sure to register online! Friday evening is free Leadership Development for Elites and above. Saturday morning is free and open to everyone! Saturday afternoon is Business Training, $10 for Wellness Advocates, free for guests.

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